Alutech always strives to deliver the highest quality with certified raw aluminum.

Alutech prides itself on supplying high quality molded molds.

Alutech delivers finished and leak-tested goods, specializing in parts for all types of coolers. We also have a wide range of flanges that ae used for filter cartridges throughout Europe.

Our capabilities include
- Professional and skilled employees
- Autocad and 3D
- Fast from prototype to production
- Just in Time delivery
- Castings from a few grams to over 30 kilos
- Quality casting with controlled cooling

3 Roast ovens - Total daily capacity of 2 tons

12 specially built tilt machines

3 saw stations 5 grinding stations Pressure testing equipment Various welding stations

Aluminum is used today for many diverse kinds of castings, due to superior properties such as, low production costs and light weight. Alutech offers as standard casting with alloy EN 44100 Offset, always with certificate and traceability, but of course we can also handle special requests